Friday, November 26, 2010

My thoughts on One of a kind handcrafted jewelry

It goes back to the premise that no two women are alike. We all like different things,be it clothing, shoes or jewelry. The first 2 things you may not be able to have as much control as you like because unless you buy from somebody who does handmade you'er stuck buying retail. But your jewelry can help you be unique. Each piece of jewelry I make is one of a kind, you will nver see somebody else wearing your piece. I've been designing and making jewelry for close to 30yrs and I can say in all honesty I've never made the same thing twice. It all goes back to that feeling that all women are special and deserve to have a piece of jewelry even if it's a $15.00 pair of earring that nobody else will be wearing. Each piece I make gets though and time put into it. Making jewelry is my passion.
One of a Kind Jeweler

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