Monday, November 22, 2010

Working hard at The Nest Design Studio

I couldn't sleep last night so at 4am I decided to get out of bed and go into my studio and work. My cats were not even up yet,so nobody could get into mischief. I did a MULTICOLOR, MULTISHAPED, double strand hand knotted twisted pearl necklace. There is a pair of multicolored earring that one could  buy or not buy to go with it. This necklace will go with anything in your wardrobe. Don't have a clue as to what to wear when you are in a in a hurry grab this necklace it does jeans and it does evenings and everything inbetween. What fun, it took 3 hours to do. When my husband woke up he wondered into my studio and his response was"This is really wild, but really pretty". It will be on my site in time festivities. One of a kind jeweler

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